Orgasm is a great concern among sexually active people. In reality, it is more serious for women. An Orgasm is not an easy or obvious build up and explosion for every woman. It is really hard to declare the least or the highest number of orgasms that women can have in a single day. First, every woman is unique and their response to pleasure is different. The ability to orgasm is also dependent on the age and overall self-awareness of a woman.

Vaginal contractions

Generally, an orgasm is taken to be the vaginal contractions during sex and the intervals in between during sex. The continuous wave of pleasure associated with sexual pleasure may come as intense continuous contraction and relaxation of the vaginal walls in sets of either 2-3 0r 5-10. If a woman counts either way then it is fair to say she has had orgasms equal to the number of contractions she has had. This might be for one hour or an entire day. It all depends on the responses of her body to sexual stimulation whether once or severally thought out the day.
Try to impose or justify a specific record of the possible number of orgasms for a woman implies putting women in a lab test and subjecting them to sexual stimulation for an entire day. This is impractical and unattainable since physical exhaustion will stand on the way of the experiment. Furthermore, each woman is unique and their psychological well-being influences their ability to relax and enjoy pleasure for an orgasm to occur.

1-5 orgasms in a day

However, in a healthy situation where there is sex on consent among partners for two or three times a day and the woman is stress-free, orgasmic release in the nature of multiple and continuous contractions of the vagina is definitely possible in the count of 1-5 times in a day. Women usually experience more orgasms when they are subjected to prolonged arousal and given a nurturing environment in which romancing is all they are all about.