Yes, you probably know a few things about Las Vegas, the casinos, hotels and pool parties or gay clubs. However, there are other least spoken about facts about Las Vegas you probably do not know about. Here are some wild facts about Las Vegas that will really amaze you.

1. The most famous Sign in Las Vegas is located out of the city

The most notable “Welcome to Las Vegas” billboard which points visitors to a warm welcome to Las Vegas is ironically planted some four miles south of Las Vegas City. The iconic and awe-inspiring “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” is meant to welcome visitors to Las Vegas, but it is technically a historical mark of the paradise city and its neighboring metropolis.

2. Las Vegas is easily confused with another Las Vegas

Yes, seriously there is another Las Vegas. The popular sin city of Nevada shares it names with another city in New Mexico. Yes, you read that right. New Mexico has a north-east city by the same name. The Las Vegas in north-east New Mexico has a functional Amtrak station from which you can board to visit Las Vegas, New Mexico by train.

3. It has trains, but you cannot board them

Although Las Vegas primarily developed because of the boom of rail works, it has no Amtrak station. Yes there is the Union Pacific Railroad in Las Vegas, which runs parallel to the Las Vegas Boulevard. It is visible to your eyes, especially from a skyscraper, but you cannot board the trains to or out of Las Vegas since there is no Amtrak station.

4. A Museum of modern preserves

Although Las Vegas is known for its flashy lifestyle and nightlife scenes characteristic of glowing lights, it houses a museum. The Neon Museum, contrasts the progressive bright blueprint of Las Vegas magnificence. It houses the fallen and outdated billboards of the city, luminous lettered words, adorned hotels and bars.

5. It has a naughty museum

It might sound outrageous, but Las Vegas is home to the Erotic Heritage Museum opposite the Donald’s Vegas bolthole. The museum houses exciting expression of erotic imagination of artists via exhibits of sex and love. This is a collection of fun stuff to see and enjoy for all visitors who are into kink and the wild side of Vegas.