If you are decided on taking up stripping as a professional job or just curious about to become one, there are four different ways to go about it. Basically, becoming a stripper is not really hard. There are a lot of upscale clubs looking for strippers quite all year round.

1. Visit your favourite clubs

Firstly, you need to have prior knowledge of the stripper clubs that you can potentially work for and of course their code of work. Simply, the kinds of clubs you need to know or visit are gentlemen’s clubs, neighbourhoods clubs and drive bars or rather third tier clubs. Make a list of your favorite clubs in either of these grouping of clubs and visit them two to three times. Explore how they run and feel whether you are comfortable with their terms and conditions. If you like a particular club, then consider registering for their auditions.

2. Talk to the management of the club

Once you have identified a club that you feel comfortable working for, it is time to ask questions and get the specifics on what your work will entail and the pay as well. Usually, strip clubs have house moms who act as managers for the club. Get the details about what is expected of you for the audition and how long it would last and the costumes to be worn. Also ask the protocol of the club for their stripers and do some due diligence to verify this with other girls who are already working for the club that you are interested in.

3. Get your wardrobe in gear

Once you have gotten done with the above steps it is time to get the necessary wardrobe items for a stripping spree. Look into striper-wear magazines, catalogues and online stores to find a befitting outfit for your position as a stripper. The three most common things are High-heeled shoes, an exotic thong, or a g-string and a full-lingerie dancer consume.

4. Try outs

Go for the audition and get your groove on! Let your skills spill on the dance floor and sway the dance poles side to side and rock the place like no one’s business. Remember to tag yourself with a stage name for the display of your skills to the audience. Wear your sexy lingerie in body and mind and let the music drive you as you put your soul to it and win over the audience with hearty smiles upon the flashing lights like a pro.